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It is available to all Office users. To install the current release download here: SharePoint Migration Tool.

sharegate documentation

Review the system requirements, settings, and permissions behavior before beginning your migration. In Office tenants you can control whether users can run custom script on personal sites and self-service created sites. During migration, some web parts require this setting set to allow. Otherwise, the web part will not be migrated.

ShareGate Desktop - Product tour

For more information, see: Allow or prevent custom script. The Office credentials you provide will be to the migration destination.

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If the on-premesis server is configured to support multiple authentication providers,including Windows authentication, then Windows authentication will not be supported. If this describes your environment, use other authentication methods instead of Windows authentication.

You will be prompted for the current location of your data files and the location of the SharePoint Online site collection where you want them copied. The SharePoint Migration Tool lets you select from two sources from which to migrate your data: from an on-premises SharePoint Server or site or from a local file share or network path.

SharePoint on-premises: If you select the SharePoint on-premises option, you will be asked to enter the name of the SharePoint Server site where your files are located and prompted for your credentials for that site. You will indicate what document library you wish to migrate.

File share: If you select the file share option, you will be asked to enter the location of the file share, the URL of the SharePoint Online site, and the document library where they will be copied.

The files are not deleted from the source. Proxy connections are not supported. Using Proxy connections will yield errors such as "SharePoint login fail" or "cannot load document library".

Enter your username and password to the SharePoint Server site; username must use the format of someone example. Click Sign in. If you have already signed in to that site once while using this tool, you won't be prompted again for the same site.

sharegate documentation

Choose the document library where your files are located. The drop-down list will contain all your possible choices.This requires strategy, planning, communication, technical knowledge, troubleshooting skills, great execution and sometimes a bit of luck.

They say in life, moving is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. SharePoint Migrations definitely fall into that category if not managed and handled well. Including influential users in the planning and implementation stages of the migration can prove very beneficial. Along with Metalogix and Sharegate tools check out SharePoint vitals to see how you can identify the most influential users in SharePoint.

An often overlooked area of the cleanup process is removing orphan users. Orphans are users who no longer have a linking AD account. Orphan users may also have active SharePoint alerts or My Sites. Cleaning out orphans before the migration will help teams gain back resources and better predict SharePoint user growth. On creation of new site collections the default SharePoint Groups owners, contributors, etc.

These groups are rarely used. Migrating these unused groups can be costly and delay the migration. Removing unused groups will save time and strengthen security. Users who have failed to adopt SharePoint before can give useful insight as to why.

Download and install the SharePoint Migration Tool

This is an opportunity to address those concerns and rectify them in the new platform. As part of a migration plan, you might decide to reorganize your sites and promote some of them to site collections based on their size.

All sites above GB might be candidates for promotion to Site Collection. Run the migration and deal with issues as they arise, making notes is essential. It's even easier if you have the right tools. An important step to check the newly migrated content for any required fixes, before notifying the user base. Website: www. Stay informed about our latest updates through email. Subscribe here. SharePoint Migration Checklist. Migrating SharePoint. Establish an Inventory.

A detailed inventory is the key to making informed decisions during a migration. The more information you have, the easier it will be to plan and respect your migration deadlines. Identify Influential Users. Remove Orphan Users.Sharegate is an excellent tool that includes features for performing enterprise level content migrations into SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The full version includes a PowerShell interface. This can be a good option for automating your migration process, especially if you have a large number of source and destination locations to map to.

Often when migrating content to a SharePoint team site or a OneDrive site, you may wish to create a starting folder structure in your destination document library before migrating content using Sharegate Powershell. But you can create this starting folder structure using just Sharegate PowerShell by taking the following approach:. If you take this approach you will avoid writing a lot of extra code to get your starting folder structure created.

Simpler is better! Of course, you can change that name as appropriate to your specific migration. Then in your migration PowerShell script you would have a statement like this: code fragment shown, see references for more example PowerShell. A nice addition to our script would be to have the folder show up as created and modified by our system account, instead of our personal user account. That would definitely look more professional.

We would do that by adding a user mapping to our script. Before the Import-Document statements add a statement like this:. So there we have it. Our new folder will show up in the destination as being created and modified by the system account. Sharegate PowerShell Import Document cmdlet. Skip to content. But you can create this starting folder structure using just Sharegate PowerShell by taking the following approach: Create the reference folder structure you would like to use.

Use the Import-Document cmdlet again to move the content into a destination folder. NET based web developer.This is the article series for the best practices and recommendations for SharePoint migration. In the first part of the SharePoint migration series, we talked about the preparation of the site structure, and which access rights do we need for the SharePoint migration.

In this article, we will talk about the overall idea of the Sharegate software. We need to perform the following steps to connect with the source and target environment in Sharegate.

The Copy Structure migration allows us to copy the site objects from our source environment to our destination environment. To perform the copy operation using Copy Structure, the below permissions are required. As the name suggests, it provides us the flexibility to copy the structure of sites, list and library, content types, site columns, permission level, workflow, and managed meta data from source to destination.

I hope you get the general and basic idea about the Sharegate migration tool. View All. Dhruvin Shah Updated date, Jan 10 Overview In the first part of the SharePoint migration series, we talked about the preparation of the site structure, and which access rights do we need for the SharePoint migration. Open Sharegate Tool. Click "Add Connection". It will open the following screen.

Current Windows User Connect using your current Windows session credentials. You can use this option to connect to source site collection if the current user is a farm administrator user. If the current user is not the farm administrator user, then you should choose another user option. Other User Connect by manually entering a username and password.

Browser Connect through a Browser Authentication session to connect to Office site collection. Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator permissions are always recommended. Copy Structure option gives us functionality to migrate the following site objects as per our need.

We can migrate whole site collection objects from the Source to Target using this option. Frequently, we use this option to migrate the entire site collection. We need the following permissions to perform this migration Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator permissions are always recommended for a target environment.

You need the rights Term Store Administrator to complete a Term Store migration for a target environment. Farm Administrative rights for On-Premise farm for source environment. We can migrate only specific list or libraries based on our requirement using this option. Select the specific list or libraries and start the migration. We need the same permission as mentioned in above point to start the migration.Microsoft has acquired Movera leading provider of cloud file migration, including admin-led and self-service offerings.

As customer demand to move content to the cloud continues to grow, Mover will help make it easier than ever for customers to migrate files to Microsoft Mover supports migration from over a dozen cloud service providers — including Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, and Google Drive — into OneDrive and SharePoint, enabling seamless file collaboration across Microsoft apps and services, including the Office apps and Microsoft Teams. Learn more: Microsoft acquires Mover to simplify and speed file migration to Microsoft Designed to be used for migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, the SharePoint Migration Tool SPMT will let you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office If you experience issues with your installation, see Troubleshooting installation issues.

Planning is the key to a successful data migration. The results report points you to articles to help you fix any issues that were discovered.

sharegate documentation

The tool runs in the background without impacting your production environment. It is also not available for users of Office with the German cloud using the data trustee, German Telekom. However, it is supported for users in Germany whose data location is not in the German datacenter. How the SharePoint Migration Tool works.

How to use the SharePoint Migration Tool. Create a user mapping file for data content migration. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.

Note Download and install : Current release Public preview. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page. This page. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. View on GitHub.In this article, we will discuss about tips and tricks that can be useful to carry out smoother migration and avoid any common mistakes.

Sharegate is one of the widely used migration tool. More information about Sharegate can be read here. Sharegate is one of the most widely used migration tools. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks that can be useful to carry out smoother migration and avoid any common mistakes. Copy Structure This option helps to copy the site collections, sites, lists, libraries, permission and more directly from SharePoint any version to SharePoint any version.

Get Started With SharePoint Migration - Overview Of Sharegate Migration Tool - Part Two

This option is useful when we want to migrate the site from source to target environment as it is without any change in data or location. Copy Content Copy content is a more granular way of migrating the content to the target environment. It helps to copy documents, list items, folders, and document sets from SharePoint any version to SharePoint any version. This option is useful when we want to migrate individual content like document, list item selectively from source to target environment.

Even though after successful migration of documents, the number of documents appears less in the target location. The major reason for this is SharePoint users who do not check-in any version of their files. Follow the below steps to avoid these kinds of situations, Open Document library in SharePoint source environment. Click Library Settings. Select the listed documents. Switch back to Sharegate, refresh the view. The missing documents should be now available to migrate. Here, we can also specify the custom storage account to use.

Also, the insane mode will help to maintain the IDs of items from the source environment. The major issue with using choice field is that it does not keep track of changed values.

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As an example, if we create a choice field called Status with below values to start with, Draft Approved Rejected Over time, we realize that we need to drill down more into the business process and need more choices to support our business scenarios. We then change the choice values as below, Draft Approved by Manager Approved by HR Approved by all Rejected Notice how the Approved status is broken down to support the business process.

In this scenario, the items in the list which were created before with Status as Approved remain as they were. SharePoint does not complain about it. At this point, it might not be feasible to go back and change all approval statuses. A simple resolution to this is to set the problematic choice column to allow fill-in choices. This will allow Sharegate to enter any value in the choice column and proceed with the migration.

Sharegate simply skips the versions. To resolve this kind of issue, simply re-migrate the document with any of the below options. Firstly identify and start from parent list to avoid any reworking of migration. Another solution is to set the default value in Sharegate to use when the source item contains an invalid value for the destination lookup column.Using the SharePoint Modernization scanner you can prepare your classic sites for modernization.

The scanner will help you prepare for the following modernization efforts:. This scanner is a key tool to use if you want to prepare for modernizing your classic sites as it will give you factual data about how easy it is to modernize your sites. Using the dashboards generated by the scanner you'll be able to drill down on the "modernization readiness" of your sites and plan the needed remediation work where needed.

Modernization tooling and all other PnP components are open-source tools backed by an active community providing support for them.

There is no SLA for open-source tool support from official Microsoft support channels.

sharegate documentation

Since SharePoint Online continuously evolves and more and more modern capabilities are added, it's important to always download the latest version of the scanner. Download the SharePoint Modernization Scanner executable and get started. This page and the other pages linked to it contain all information to get you started, but also all the report details and an FAQ.

Since a typical scan needs to be able to scan all site collections, it's recommended to use an app-only principal with tenant scoped permissions for the scan.

This approach will ensure the scanner always has access, if you use an account for example, your SharePoint tenant admin account then the scanner can only access the sites where this user also has access. All permission, which is needed if you want to run all scan components. If you're not interested in workflow scanning you can also use Sites.

All as a permission as of version 2. If you want to report on site collections that have a Teams team linked then you also need to add the Group. All permission as of version 2. The easiest approach is to simply launch SharePoint.

Alternatively you can start a PowerShell command prompt and navigate to that folder so that you can use the scanner via command line. This chapter will walk you through the UI option taking a typical full scan.

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Start by launching the SharePoint. The first page of the modernization scanner wizard asks you for authentication information. The scanner supports four options, select the one you need and fill in the needed information as described below.

Ideally you use an app-only model as that will ensure the scanner has access to all sites it needs to scan. This information needs to be provided to the tool:.

Sharegate PowerShell – An Easy Way to Create a Starting Folder Structure

You can also opt to install the certificate on your computer and reference it via the -w command line parameters. The last argument is the certificate thumbprint. This option is available as of the 2. If you're using LocalMachine then be aware that you'll need to ensure the scanner has permissions to read in the LocalMachine store.

You can do this by either running the scanner process under administrative privileges or alternatively and better grant the account you're using to run the modernization scan permissions to read the private key of the certificate stored in the LocalMachine store.

The default instructions mentioned to grant the Azure AD app the Sites.

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All permission which is needed if you want to run all scan components.

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